Sunday, December 7, 2008

The best thing about packing...

The best thing about packing is, of course, unpacking. I am determined to have a nice home for the holidays. This doesn’t mean that I will be pushing myself to finish every single room, every single box, as this would be impossible. I am lucky and further along than I thought I would be because of a wonderful family and terrific friends. My kitchen is done, thanks to my super mother, and the living room is nearly done. The movies and music are stowed away and the big pieces are in place. Pictures, art, and accessories will come as discovered. At least we have a place to sit.

I plan to be ready to put our tree up next weekend after the Christmas Parade. This is really a two day job, but I am always in denial of that. Also, I have some concern that our tree might be a little on the large size for our new living room. Despite my planning, small hints of Christmas have crept out of boxes…

In the meantime, I am focusing on grading, unpacking, and Christmas gift making.


  1. I love that part of moving too. Seeing all of my stuff in a new home. Making it all work. fun! Although, I would imagine at Christmas time it's a little bit stressful, no?

  2. I'm amazed at all you've gotten done so quickly, while continueing to work and take care of daily life!