Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sewing To Do

Blogging is such a pleasure. It allows me to write and to share with my readers the things that are most significant to me and also, occasionally, the things that are not so significant. I feel welcome here in this place for artists of all types.

One of my favorite blogs is A Dress a Day. She recently posted a sewing to do list. I have posted a portion of mine and encourage you to do the same. This is certainly not a complete list, but it is some place to start. Right?

1. Lady Eleanor shawl. Nancy, of Getting Purly With It, has made a few. Check out these beautiful ladies.

2. Curtains for the new house. Struggling for creative inspiration, but that will come as the boxes disappear.

3. Pillows for the couch. Some bold retro mixes.

4. Babette blanket. I plan to use a heavier weight yarn to make a my size blanky for my knitting chair.

5. Aprons – one good work apron for each day of the week.

6. Amy Butler lounge pants from her book In Stitches. I have several vintage flat sheets for this project.

7. Wrap around skirt. A couple for summer.

8. Mondrian dress. I love this dress and want one only second to the Campbell Soup dress.

9. Trimmed towels. Also, from Amy Butler's In Stitches.

10. These super pretty berets.

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