Thursday, December 18, 2008

Loving Sweet Nellie...

My blogging friend, Amber, shared one of her new favorite baby wear and toy sites, The Baby Gardner, yesterday. There are all sorts of wonderfully vintage touched and inspired goodies for babies and toddlers including these adorable little girl aprons. Of course, John and I are in that don’t-need-baby-gates time of life while we race from one event and multiple practices to another trying to figure out just who needs to be where and when – including ourselves, but it is such fun to look and see and stow away a gift idea or two for friends and family. But, as I was clicking my way around this sweet, sweet site, I found Portia the pig. She stole my heart. She looks like she is ready for an afternoon at the art museum followed by tea at a lovely little spot that also sells antiques and other vintage goodies. Portia would ask for two lumps of sugar and then sneak another while no one was watching.

Portia is the creation of Sweet Nellie. You can read, and follow the creations of, this wonderful artist here and buy these delights here. I am headed back to The Baby Gardner to visit Portia. Maybe I can't resist and Portia and I will be sneaking sugar lumps together.

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