Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It is a cold, windy, and dark day here in Southwest Missouri. The kids are out of school early for a teacher’s work day and I am under the weather and home for the afternoon. We cuddled up under quilts and watched the new Tinkerbell movie. It is delightful. Tink and I go way back. We relate to one another even though I am a frizzy haired brunette except on Halloween when my hair is always purple. We are both concerned about the size of our hips, and compensate for our hippyness with a highly attuned sense of fairness which often brings about small, but fearless, temper tantrums. In other words, we both have attitudes and flaunt them shamelessly.

While cuddled up, I have been working on a few Christmas surprises to put under the tree and because I am sure that my children, extended family and friends are regular readers, if not comment writers, of my blog, I can only share a few hints here.

Nearly done awaiting blocking and loving.

In progress for one of my tiniest but bestest of friends. She loves pink!

It is lightly snowing and our dedicated mail carrier has just rattled the mailbox. It is so cold and windy outside. She must be freezing. The kids are hoping for a snow day tomorrow for more cuddling. I am off to grade papers and John will be writing tonight.

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  1. We've had torrential rain for 2 days now. Dark and dreary gives me no reason to get dressed or leave the house!