Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moving Day - Two

As I move around the house in what seems like an organized fashion, I realize that I am saying good bye to this old house. There are things I will not miss. I will not miss astronomical utility bills. I will not miss this year's Fall visitors in the attic...bats. I will not miss eating, homework, sewing, painting, game playing, stacking, and working on the kitchen table. I will not miss the scary, dark unfinished basement that serves as a storage and laundry room. I will not miss not having a coat closet and no place to put shoes, but there are a few things that pull at my heart just a little.

I will miss the claw foot bathtub with shiny plumbing. Can you see me? There have been many a fine, hot, steamy soak in that bathtub. Although, as cold weather is settling in, I am reminded that there is little heat in this room...brrrr!

I will miss the beautiful, wide moldings around the doors and floors. Sigh.

Oh, I love the floors. The hardwood is so not perfect but the bathroom tile is wonderfully charming. This, yes, this I will miss.

I will miss how the afternoon sun flies through the stained glass in the dining room window and dances on the walls and ceiling.

I refuse to miss the blue walls in our bedroom. It is tranquil and sweet and looks wonderful with white trim. The walls compliment my antique linens, 30s quilts, and the iron bed. I am struggling to find the match, but am determined. Today is cloudy. Not a good day for picture taking and paint color matching. Maybe tomorrow will be sunny.

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