Sunday, November 23, 2008

Moving Day - Six

My mother, bless her heart all the way to heaven and back, packed and moved a good part of my kitchen while I was teaching on Friday. I finished the packing and unpacked the kitchen in its entirety yesterday. This is always a big job, but the pay off is huge. Short distance moves seem endless and completing one large project, such as a kitchen, brings with it a sense of accomplish. During the process of unpacking my mind shifted from what I will miss to what I will gain.

The kitchen floor in the old house is impossibly unsealed. Cleaning is necessary daily, and the cleaning is hard, down on your hands and knees work. Although, beige is not my color, the tile in the new house is sealed and shiny! It is a low maintenance love affair.
I have not had a pantry in a very long time and have been using metal shelving in the stairwell to the basement to hold extra appliances and bake ware. John has built five new shelves in the new pantry and Grace painted them for me. The shelves are loaded up and my kitchen is put together comfortably. No overstuffed shelves or cabinets. I feel like I can breathe in this kitchen.Although two decades newer than the old house, this house has pretty moldings as well. Even though I am having to look harder to find the charm, it is there. I will just have to take more responsibility for charm in this house. Maybe you can help.

I had two outlets in the old kitchen. One behind the refrigerator and one by the sink. I had to run an extension cord to the coffee pot and had to continually juggle appliances. Not a good decorator look. The new kitchen has four outlets! Four! I am electrified!
Although our new porch is a third of the size of the old, it does have this very sweet porch swing moving in the Fall breeze waiting for warmer evenings for sitting and talking. This is good.


  1. Oh I can see the charm in your new home..and to think you're more modern with 4 outlets instead of 2 is wonderful.. Would love to while away the hours in the front porch swing..hugs ~lynne~

  2. Ah, yes, the wonderful moving stories! :-) So many exciting new things to look forward to in your new place! I hope you enjoy many years of domestic bliss there! :-)

    happy new home,

  3. Good luck with the move- a porch swing makes it worth the effort! I'd love to have one....