Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Moving Day - One

Today, we moved my sewing into its new home. It has been a very long time since I have had a place to create. In fact, we have been sewing and working on the kitchen table for a few years now and suddenly, today, I became very excited about moving my sewing from basement storage to its cozy new home. Except for two tables and one of the five sewing machines, it is all there. This makes me happy.

Our move is not a long one. It is less than a mile; I think. This is my third such short move and in many ways this is frustrating. First, we commit to saving as much money as possible, and at $94.00 an hour, we want the movers in and out as quickly as possible. We leave them to the big stuff; piano, hutch, dressers, and basically anything that will not fit into the minivan. Everything else, we will try to move. It is quite insane really, but this is how we do it. Fifteen years ago I moved from the San Fransisco Bay Area to here. A good move with one trip and one truck. This seems far more complicated.

Our big moving day will be the last Saturday of the month. Yes, this is a holiday weekend. In the meantime, we are moving what we can and packing all else.

Today, we paid a visit to the local home improvement center. My new pantry has a total of two shelves. I will need more and my man is conjuring up his man skills and whipping up more shelves. They will be nice and after a little cupboard cleaning the kitchen will be ready for my mother to pack up the old kitchen and move into the new. That's right, I said my mother. This is all part of this letting people help thing. I feel weird about it and I think she does as well. What she may not realize is that I admire her kitchen and how she does the kitchen thing. I am nearly sure she will put things where I would and if not, I will not complain. The kitchen is by far one of the biggest jobs and one of the most important. I would not trust anyone else.

The girls are packing themselves. I wonder if I have thought this through, but really don't have time to worry about it. I have also placed a few other packing tasks in their hands like books, movies, and music. I want them to feel helpful and invested in this experience rather than victimized by it.

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