Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July! - A little something for you...

Well, today is cloudy and rainy here in Southwest Missouri and as I sit here with my morning coffee, listening to the occasional car whoosh by through the puddles on our side street, I think about the options for the day.

Our family is much like a quilt - patched together from the remnants of long ago dreams into wonderful new dreams we are living every day. We are a chosen family and we are happy with that, but with that comes some need for flexibility in holiday merriment. Sometimes, things go as expected, on the holiday, as tradition dictates. But, sometimes, not. Sometimes we wing it and this is one of those times. We have learned to be flexible with a smile. Our kids are spread out all over the country this holiday having fun and spending summer time with friends and family in Idaho, Utah, Branson, and New Mexico!

It may be a quiet day this Fourth of July but that is not a bad thing. If the rain persists, I should work on some of the ongoing household projects that are nagging at me or maybe make an apron! Aubrey will be with us. She is nearly always happy, always chatty and always on the go. She will be in charge of what to do and will make a list to check off as we go through our day. I love this about her. She is a list maker like myself. Aubrey and I can always use some step-mom and daughter bonding time. Oh - I hate the "step" words - step-mom, step-dad, step-kids. Disney has ruined us forever! Let know if you have better terms PLEASE!

I hope your weather is barbecue worthy this holiday weekend and you get to spend wonderful time with friends and family.


  1. Perhaps the steps - step-mom, step-daughter - are stepping stones along your personal path to an increased capacity to know and feel and give love. Who could ask for more?

  2. Usually for the 4th of July we invite all of our friends over and we all share food and fireworks. We live in California and since most of the state is on fire we've decided to just go to the county show and let them be in charge of the fire liability! :) I've enjoyed your blog. Have a wonderful 4th of July.

  3. Happy 4th to you, too! Quiet morning here in Oregon. My grown kids may or may not able to stop home today and my youngest is at gramma's in the next state. And, I'm okay with that. I've got sewing to do and wrapping up the plans for my cooking class series at church that starts next week.

  4. I like rsg's comment on steps. I never really liked it either, it's so negative sounding. How about a "co-mom", "co-dad", "co-sister". etc.

    Have a wonderful fourth of July and enjoythe quiet times!

    Jenny, going to re-plant zucchini after our hail a couple of weeks ago. It actually reminds me of in-vitro fertilization. I planted 5 seeds and one was up before the kids and I took our little trip. I came home and all 5 were about 3 inches tall! How can I get rid of them? Looks like I'll be selling at the farmer's market, lol.

  5. Oh cool!! A give-a-way! Always fun.:)
    I have a step-daughter (DSD). She refers to me as the "wicked step-mother". (Thanks Disney.) She has a Mom. Her Dad and I married 6 months before DSD got married. Anyhoo, I call DSD's babies my "bonus" granddaughters. I don't have children, so to me, they are ALL a bonus for being married to my DH!

    It appears yet another 2008 holiday BBQ is about to be called off due to rain here in the Ozarks. My George Foreman type indoor grill is really getting a workout this summer! LOL!!

    A quiet 4th at home is not so bad. In fact our fur babies prefer it that way! >^..^<

    Have a safe & happy 4th!

  6. I live in California and it's hot and dry here. I tried to get out in the yard early to get work done, but didn't accomplish all I had hoped, maybe tomorrow! Our 4th will be quiet too as the kids are grown and gone and hubby has to work, he's Parks Foreman and the 3 day weekends are busy for him. We will enjoy a quiet bbq for the two of us tonight when he gets home.

  7. Happy Belated 4th of July to everyone. Here it is Midnite thirty hours and its very very quiet here in the county. I spent the day with my adopted family.. We had deep fried Turkey and usual pic nic fixins to go with it. Home made Strawberry sorbet. Oh I forgot the birthday cake.. we had to birthday babies at the house :) Then we sat out on the porch watching fire works.
    It was a great day spent with friends and Family.
    I agree on RSG's commments regarding steps... I have a step mom and she is wonderful.. I also have half siblings... I never ever once considered them anything but brothers and sisters.

  8. Love your blog!

    I've had the house to myself most of the day, so I've enjoyed the holiday by sewing some new apron patterns, cutting out many new projects and drinking almost an entire gallon of iced tea by myself in the 98 degree weather! (now I hope I can sleep!)

  9. Hi!, Happy belated Fourth of July, as soon as I saw the cover of the apron booklet I wanted to see inside. I cant wait to see the patterns , thanks in advance for the gift. Have a great day!! Cindy-Lou

  10. I hope you had a great 4th!!
    Your blogis very fun I have enjoyed looking at it!!

    We spent the 4th with frinds and family. We BBQ and played games. It was alot of fun!!

  11. I hope you enjoyed your 4th. I live in Nixa, MO, and had a great evening watching the Nixa fireworks from my backyard (I actually had to wear a jacket it was so cool out!). Nice to find another apron-loving teacher in SW MO. :) My email is cmatzat (at)

  12. Happy 4th! We stayed home and just enjoyed being together. It seems with two grown and one almost out of highschool just being in the same place at the same time is a treat!

  13. Well we have a very large and joyous "blended" family. Sometimes our family celebrations include ex's and their new all makes it easier for our adult children and grandchildren to spend time with us and celebrate holidays and family events. On the 4th our daughter, SIL and his parents who are originally from India came over for fireworks at the Joint Service Base nearby. We sat on the lawn surrounded by hundreds of families celebrating life in the USA.

  14. Hope you had a happy 4th! I ended up watching fireworks alone since my husband took our two oldest on the ride to pick up grandpa from the airport. My baby was asleep, so I set up a camp chair in the street and watched the fireworks from the stadium a couple of blocks down. It was enough for me...

    I'd love a copy of the aprons instructions!

  15. I don't know if my comments got lost in the wide open cyber space.. Or If you just haven't had time to read over the weekend..
    I was just worried I would miss out on the chance to have these lovely patterns..
    Thank you and I hope your family had a great holiday :)

  16. So nice of you to give something away. We usually go to Tulsa and spend the whole weekend with camp friends who all used to work together when we were in college. I met my husband at that camp. We had to miss this year because of work, but I got to spend some time with the husband instead. We both have been working so hard and so much lately - that it was nice to spend a weekend together finally! Thanks so much for sharing! Here is my email just in case:

  17. Hi Kelly! Oh , I'm late in getting your patterns. I was out of town celebrating my BD.

    Please come and visit, I'm having a give away and would love for you to enter.

    Irma :)