Thursday, July 3, 2008

Featherweight Love - Vintage Thingies Thursdays

I wandered through the house this morning trying to decide what vintage thingy I would like to share on my very first Vintage Thingies post. I wanted to choose something special and something that had a story because, after all, that is what I do - tell stories. What I realized on this journey was that every thing in my home has a story. Some of these stories are known and some are not. There are stories of things handed down and things purchased that remind of things I have lived. Finding a vintage thingy to write about was not the difficult task, but deciding which thingy to share with you was. I began to ponder.

The girls and I have made a commitment to keep busy this summer. We are excited to try new things with our hands and I am thrilled that this is the summer they will begin to learn about sewing. The first thing we did was pull out my great Aunt Bee's (not kidding) Singer Featherweight. I was lucky to be gifted this machine after her death and cherish it as a way to reach out and touch bases with her for I miss her terribly. I know that Aunt Bee would be delighted that my girls are learning to sew on the same sewing machine that she loved and used. This tiny sewer stood on a small table in her turquoise bedroom. The same bedroom I slept in when we would visit.

In this photo, is captured the very beginning moments of this adventure as Libby's small fingers guide paper under the presser foot sewing line after line, getting used to the hum, learning the feel of this wonderful sewing treasure. She is a quick study and has asked to sew every day since.

I am touched by these moments - the moments my girls reach into the past of what women can accomplish to better understand what is possible in their lives. Aunt Bee is smiling.

There are so many stories to share about the vintage things in our lives. I hope I inspire you to share your story.


  1. Welcome and what a wonderful girl/
    mom story. The featherweight means
    a lot to you and your family!
    Hope you stop by and visit me my
    Vintage Thingie is fun this week!

  2. I love featherweights! I see women bring them to quilting conferences because they are so wonderfully compact. They've become such a collector's item now that I don't think I could afford one.

    How wonderful that your girls are interested in sewing. I've taught mine, but they're not into it - yet.

  3. I wish I had the same hand-me-down! My DD is sewing with my mom but I don't have a machine at our house. May your girls continue the love of stitchery!

  4. What a lovely post. I love the connections between the generations, especially when they involve fabric and sewing! I have a viuntage child's sewing machine which I want to show one Thursday ... looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. Hi girl! Such a cute blog --

  6. jewelgirl - Thank you! Yes, I will be stopping by to say hi! Thank you for the comment.

  7. threeundertwo - Thank you for the comment. We have two featherweights - mine is from Aunt Bee and Libby has one set aside for her. Grace just received her first sewing machine for Christmas this past year and Aubrey is not quite hooked yet but we will make sure she has a machine as well.

  8. What wonderful memories you have and your girls are going to have the same of you.

    I have a featherweight too and just love it. My girls never showed a lot of interest in sewing, they figure if Mom can do it why shoud That's ok, I love making them things, they always show off to their friends what I make them. I did tell my oldest daughter though, that when I die, she needs to keep the featherweight and she promised she would.

  9. Welcome to VTT! What a great story, you bring the whole experience alive for us!

  10. Oh I know featherweights are so expensive.. But they are so small and easy to carry just like you said...
    To the person who wants one. Look other places besides E-bay. I found one in an ad from Craigs list in CA. I quote... two old sewing machines for sale.. $100.00 each or best offer. One of the pictures was a featherweight.. Yes!!!! I now own that very nice old machine. So keep an eye out in differt area ads. You just might find one just like me :)
    Good luck

  11. I love that you are teaching your daughter to sew. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted!

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