Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Cornbread

Sometimes we have to give into the temptation of comfort food - even in Summer. Summer Kielbasa Stew is a favorite of ours and I always love how the simmering kielbasa fills the house with the sweet smell of dinnertime.

We sit down together, as a family, as it should be. This is much easier in summer when we seem to have more control over schedules. The girls will take art classes and play in the water a good deal this summer and I will teach part time while John works hard at Word Ethic and prepares to head back to college this Fall to prepare for teaching. We will all sit around my grandmother's oak pedestal table in the dining room for dinner on most evenings. This is important to us. I want my children to remember dinner as a time to reflect and enjoy, with one another, the lives we are living.

Heart shaped cornbread is a good thing. I love bringing this to the table to show my family that I love them enough to dig into the back of the cabinet for just the right pan. Besides, this makes me feel good just looking at it. Maybe it is time to hang the pan on the wall next to the stove to remind me of one of the many ways I can show my family I love them.


  1. Ms. Anthony,

    Your cornbread is beautiful! Who thinks of doing a cornbread heart, really? I am jealous of your family now, and how you eat! Invite me over to dinner anytime!

  2. Ms. A,
    I find it very appealing that you go above and beyond (even in cooking) to show your family how much you love them. The heart shaped cornbread is absolutely beautiful. It takes alot of time and patience to raise a successul family. Seems to me like your on the right path. Your husband is adorable and your girls are beautiful. Your an awesome teacher, and apparently a very inventive cook.

  3. Heart shaped cornbread is a good thing. It a simple thing but yet you have changed it all by the pan. How much it means and how much love and thought it put behind it. Its a great thing.

  4. I think that it is nice that you eat dinner as a family. My family never ate together. Gimmmme corn bread!!!!!!!!