Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

We had a good deal of rain this past week. As of 19 June, Springfield has received nearly all of its annual predicted precipitation. I left town on Friday as rain pounded the pavement and ran wild through the streets. Some time close to the middle of the night Sunday, I returned home, unlocked our front door, and was met with a warm, damp home that smelled every bit of three days with standing water in the basement. That’s right.  From what we could tell, we had close to six inches of water in the basement after we left on our trip Friday morning.

The smell, the wet, and the worry over appliances was the worst of it for the most part until I realized that a plastic bin with purple, green, beige, and white cotton fabrics was full of water. Without a clothes line, I began sifting through the folds of dripping, heavy fabrics, hanging fabric on deck chairs and the railing, and came to the realization that there was one dark purple piece of fabric that had clearly not been pre-washed before stashed. There is a lesson here. Nearly half of the fabric has been stained, to some degree or another, with purple. The worst part may be the smell, although, as I sorted through the fabric I find a fondness for several precious pieces and was surprised by the occasional story elicited by a color, pattern, or memory of purchase. Some fabrics should find their way into projects so they record my history – bi-centennial, breast cancer research, and millennial fabrics. This growing sentimentality insured I would find a way to rescue the fabric.

We have hung a clothesline as it seems the washer and the drier motors need to dry out for a couple of weeks. All we need is a few days without rain, please, please, please. It has been impossible to wash and hang out a load of clothes because we have had thunderstorms and torrential downpours every day for the past nine days. Although we have yet to see another six inches of water in the basement, we have had some water making it impossible to dry out. And, ants have invaded with every storm that drives them out of the yard and into the house. Ants are okay as six legged creatures go, but I would like my kitchen back.

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