Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Feel Loved

My ten year old, Libby, spends one afternoon each week with one or both of her grandparents, Mimi and Papa. Yesterday, she asked to have a "Mimi Day." Mimi picked here up after Artworks and they, apparently, spent a quiet afternoon together in Mimi's sewing studio.  Libby has taken to sewing in a big way already completing a skirt for herself and a map holder for her Papa for Father's Day. But, yesterday afternoon she shook my world when she arrived home with a white box labeled "Libby's Apron Creations." She stood as straight and tall as she could, smiling ear to ear, as she presented me with this most special gift.  My mother had guided Libby as she made me the best apron a woman could ever want. Just look for yourself. I rarely want to be in the photo, but how could I resist.

As I pulled the apron from the green and blue tissue, I was overwhelmed by Libby's thoughtfulness and her work ethic. She must have spent the whole afternoon sewing for me. Mimi was quick to point out that Libby had sewn every stitch with a little help in gathering the skirt and finishing the tie ends. Her top stitching is perfect.  Notice, in the first and second pictures, a subtle word across the apron - "MOM."

Now, if you knew me as a teenager, you may not believe that I am really not much of a phone chattergirl. I purchased my first cell phone late into the technology, resisting for as long as I could. But, alas, we all must embrace change and new technology is no exception. However, I do have a hard time keeping up with my phone. I turn the ringer off while in class and later forget to turn it on sometimes setting it down and not knowing where I put it. With the ringer off, I can't call myself from John's phone to find mine. Also, I just don't worry about it too much and leave it in my purse, briefcase, or who knows where. Also, I seem to be quite accident prone with my phone: dropping, closing it in the car door, etc. Because of this you will notice that Libby carefully sewed a cell phone pocket in place on my new apron so I would no miss any more calls truly making this the most custom made apron in my collection.

I feel loved!
Thank you my dear, sweet girl.
I love you.

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