Monday, June 16, 2008

And they gathered to write...

Teaching writers and writing teachers gathered to write this past weekend. Members of the Prairie Lands Writing Project, Ozarks Writing Project, Gateway Writing Project, Missouri Writing Project, and OSU Writing Project enjoyed the company and talent of the two dozens writers present. We all had a wonderful and productive time.

On our final gathering of the retreat I listened as one exceedingly talented writer and committed educator after another shared their work and I made a few notes to share here.

John - what can I say. You are the writer in my life that changes my life with your words and your devotion. Thank you for joining in my world.

Melissa - Who is this Dr. inside of you and when will she arrive? Go for it!

Jane - Always a smile on your face and careful to meet our needs. I want to be like Jane.

Leanna - I will think more about "absence from things you want is part of happiness." Thank you.

Cathy - Your poetry felt like brief stepping stones of powerful, large, and a revealing self. You are amazing!

Patsy - I hope my children remember the nuances of me as you remember your mother's dresses, red lipstick and pictures. You make me want to see myself through my children's eyes.

Rachel - Your writing is truly eloquent and was a mirror into the brokenness we experience as women fighting back for the safety of our children and the preservation of our families. Seek peace and healing in this writing.

Jill - I can't wait to find out about Mr. Tinkle's adventures through eight grade. What will happen to him? How ghouling will his path become?

Rebecca - I know you write while you drive! Fess up! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for our new friendship in writing and teaching.

Mary Lee - You know so much and your graciousness is like a warm blanket wrapped about my shoulders as I write. Thank you.

Barrie - I know a few characters deserving of a written demise. Let me know when you need a character sketch or two.

Heather - You are changing this world one Anthony at a time. I hope they all find their way to your classroom.

Tina - Einstein would be proud, physic - ally speaking.

Joyce - You touched my heart and my pain. Your writing is healing for many.

Dawn - You have inspired John and I to search for the birth of our 1927 home.

Britton - In France, I remember. Thank you for the sharpness in your images.

Amanda - The writing is raw and wonderful. Keep recording your story. It is worth it even if a swear word must be added here and there.

Ann - I want to play softball in the backyard and eat breakfast with your family. Thank you for your encouragement.

Pam - Writing with students and gifting them a stage through encouragement - you rock!

Cindy - You painted pictures for us with your words. Thank you for teaching us to walk on stilts, to take the risk, in our writing.

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  1. Kelly....
    SOOOO glad you had the experience. I'm jealous of the time and the opportunity. :)

    I loved your pictures on the previous posts...beautiful.